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10/6/09 01:11 pm

Changing usernames to rad_i_cal .

Add me if you want!

I'll be deleting this journal soon.

10/5/09 02:36 pm - my hair growth in about 11 months

10/5/09 10:10 am - Life Update

So nothing much has changed since last post.

I started my job at bw3's aaaaannnnnnd- it was awesome! Well, everything is what you make it, I guess. I was determined to look competent and eager to perform, so I busted total ass. Start server training this week! Yeah! Server! Whoo!

Anyway, what I mean is- tips. Hopefully.

Plus, making money again is the best feeling in the world. I am really glad to have understanding friends in that regard. Never having money is the worst feeling. I am like, a natural spender. Without money, I am really, really..... pathetic.

So yeah, money! Pulling my own weight! YES!

So the weekend itself, besides work, was amazing. Smores on a real fire! In actual nature! RHPS! Lots of really really unhealthy food! :D :D :D

Yeah, about that, yesterday I started freaking out. I'm not getting fat, I don't think, but maybe a little more.... chunky than I am comfortable with. I'm used to being maybe 110-2, not 116-7. It's not a big deal, I just know I have to eat healthier! Which I am doing starting today! Oatmeal for breakfast, portabella with tomato and cheese for lunch, rice with chicken for dinner, maybe! No more fase food.

Today should be fun, too! Class was cancelled, I'm home now, and later I'm going to the AFI concert with Dave. I am probably going to be getting ready... until then. I love concerts/dressing fun.


FRIDAY MOVIE NIGHT STARTS AT 9:30. I get off work at nine, haha. :) You can spend the night, if we are drinking...I work Saturday at twelve, so heads up! Let's have an awesome time!

9/22/09 12:06 pm







9/22/09 11:44 am

Slept in? Check.

In class? Check.

Eating a smiley faced cookie?

Mother fucking check.

9/21/09 08:44 am

Looooong weekend.

Lots of painting the haunted house, lots of friends, lots of food.

Busted total ass at the haunted house.

But worth it!

I think the only thing I learned was to never try to stupid hot wing sauce at bw3's ever, ever again.

Oh, and doing innovative things in dnd will never pay off. No matter how cool it sounds.

(Megan, thanks for painting every day with me! You were awesome. :)

9/6/09 11:14 am - sortof stolen from calliopepurple!


1. put your itunes/whatever on shuffle
2. list the first lines of the first twenty songs you play
3. let people guess the songs!
let's play a lovegameCollapse )

9/3/09 09:23 pm

9/3/09 09:12 pm

Today was a good mess.

Fasting sucks, for one.

Looked at a car- chances are my great uncle is going to give it to me, free.

Friend gave me a hookah, lit it up. Strawberry tobacco haze right now.

Life is really, really good.

9/3/09 09:00 am - On food

So I started eating meat again- and I don't regret it. I actually feel really good.

But something about not having some sort of rule about food is freaking me out. Like, I have to put a line somewhere. Not in a crazy way. I think I just like the challenge, really. Veganism was fun because I had to bend rules. Vegetarianism was fun because I got to pick the meat off of things and pretend I really didn't want bacon.

So I've been looking up some stuff, and I decided that I'm going to try the 'fasting every other day' thing.

Challenging? Yes. Rewarding? Yes!

I'm not really fasting a whole day, really. Just from 7pm-7pm, every other day. Sure, I'm hungry right now, but come 7 I can eat whatever I want. Fabulous.

And apparently it's great for your body/health/whatever, too, but those benefits come after you actually adopt the lifestyle. I'm just test driving it.

(Apparently this is good for maintaining weight, too, not dropping it.)

I'm only 14 hours in and I'm starving. Coffee is helping.
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